Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Call from Carmen.

My sweet friend Carmen that Sister Biancardi and I taught in Horizon City called me recently to see how I was doing and made my entire week. Best. Feeling. Ever. when an old investigator calls you. 

How I love the people I have taught on my mission, 
for they were the ones who actually taught me. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Procedure #2 done...and hoping for NO more :)

Thursday morning we took yet another trip to Boise to meet up with Dr. Harris at the Intermountain surgery center. Procedure #1 with only 5 shots in the spine wasn't so bad but since it didn't seem to work very well for me, he decided it best that we turn up the volume a little for Procedure #2...I was so completely nervous. I thought about it apprehensively all week long... 
This smile is a total lie. A total lie my friends.

This is REALLY how I was feeling.
 I started getting super nervous, which I've never had a problem with needles or anything before, but 
I looked at my mom with this kind of look like "get me out of here". I have no idea what my face looked like to her but she immediately got up and found a nurse to get me some Valium haha. They had told me not to eat or drink before the procedure which led me to believe that they'd put me out. Anyways, it turned out that they left me conscious and ended up turning up the volume with 25 plus shots in my SI joints, with so many steroids that my body is now beyond  jittery. It's so hard to sleep...I think I need more Valium haha. I've been sore for a few days but feeling some improvements! Finally. We are a step in the right direction. I still have an epidural to go in my L5 vertebrae to look forward to though. I've had more doctor appointments than I would care to admit in just this last month and have been put on even more and more medication. My body seems to be having so many side-complications and is so darn weak.. so, I've taken to walking by the river as MUCH as I possibly can. 

My goal now, is to not feel like I'm 90 years old. :)
wish me luck.