Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Horse Country

 sigh** Horse Country.
 This is exactly what we are trying to convey to our investigators...glad someone else agrees with us...also...fastening your seatbelt is a good thing too.
 Can I just say one thing...POMEGRANATE SEASON!! ..Missing my best friend ;')
 So one of the plus sides of my calling is being able to travel to different parts of the mission. Heading up North this week, here are but a few of the reasons why I love my New Mexico.
 What happened to the dirt and rocks that I'm so used to??

 Beautiful morning drive :) appreciating my Heavenly Father's creations.
 Our morning walk behind our apartment...best place for companionship study right?!
Saw this picture of one of the little kids book in our branch this Sunday and couldn't help but laugh. 
Dear Family...
HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Hermana Silva y Hermana Adams!! 
Love you...
Never mind the Christmas Tree behind the door there...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rio Rancho!

I met the sweetest sister missionary who just arrived to the mission on Tuesday. Her name is Sister Van Wagoner from Utah. She came up to greet me and introduce herself and by the end I was hugging her and tearing up like crazy. She told me that she found my blog and started reading it right at a critical point in her life where she was trying to figure out if she should serve a mission. My blog was one of the reasons that she received her answer to serve. She then put in her papers and got her call to Albuquerque, New Mexico!!!!!!! I am so astonished at how many blessings the Lord has shown me through my service as a missionary. I never in a million years would have thought that I could make such a difference. It was such a treat to meet her and I can already tell what a wonderful addition she is here to this mission. So grateful that she is here. She is also going down South to a great zone ;) Hope to get to know her better in the future.
 Saying goodbye to Santa Claus :)

 I love this family! By far some of the most wonderful people who walk the earth. So grateful for them in my life and grateful for the opportunity I had to teach them.

 Leaving my sweet companion, who became such a true friend!

Driving up with Sister Moulding (we were the only two South sisters from our Zone going up North)...her and her string cheese. ;)
 Sister Adams is my new companion! Hallelujah I LOVE this sister. We served in Mission Trails barrio together down in El Paso before so I know her well.
Grateful the Lord has sent me with such a consecrated and hard worker. :) So blessed!
 This is my HOME! ....for only a week and then we are moving into a new apartment. Sad day!

Studying outside :) ...with our horsies.

Monday, October 14, 2013

North bound! Goodbye Horizon :')

TRANSFER NEWS! I'm going North. I said several goodbyes yesterday and am going to say more goodbyes today. This week was so wonderful...two beautiful souls got baptized. We've become so close to them.
Goodbye to my wide-open spaced area. Gonna miss this SOO bad.
 So I got a smurf in MY happy meal...but Sister B...she got a cowardly lion. .."Be strong and of a good courage." 
 Last District picture for me down here in El Paso...at least for the time being. I'm gonna miss these dedicated, faithful missionaries of the Lord. 
 Goodbye Texas!
 My beautiful friends got baptized on Saturday night. Mother and Daughter. They have both worked SO hard to do this, with outstanding faith. So happy for them. These two made sacrifices to make this covenant with their Heavenly Father. The Lord is so proud of them. What a great send-off too! 
 Yah...I'll miss them. Way tooooo much. :') 

 Round 1 of saying my goodbyes...
 I'll sure miss this Cheetos-eating-frenzy.
 Oh how I'm going to miss this family! 
 And yep...I'm leaving these wonderful people...but in good hands. Sister B knows what she's doing. And plus it's not so bad when you've got a smurf to help you pack.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Albuquerque week!

Can I just tell you it feels so good to be back "home" in our beautiful area!? Gosh, how I love this place! 
Ride up to the temple last Monday with my favorite Sister Missionaries :) 

And of course the great and powerful Hermana Muntzing drove us up and told us story after story...how I LOVE this Argentinian woman. Everyone needs to meet Hermana Muntzing. 
Temple day! What a beautiful day that was entirely too short...now I have to wait 6 more months :( but that's ok...I've put on my armor and now it's time to go back to work! 
How beautiful is this temple!????? 

BTW...my smurf might have had a little too much fun while in Deseret Book.
He also likes to pray everywhere.
On our way to Albuquerque this week for MLC! 
Driving in to Albuquerque we realized that it is time for the annual Balloon Festival (comes every October) and already there were balloons dotting the morning sky...sigh*...love it! 
Once again! My traditional picture of shoes. Another great MLC meeting with President and Sister Miller. 

I miss this Sister like CRAZY! Sister Adams who was called to be STL in Rio Rancho up North. So great to see her every month! Miss her down in El Paso :'( 
I just HAVE to send you this text we got from a member of the ward who comes out with us every single week. She is amazing and truly understands her role as a member in the Work of Salvation. 
Yes! She gets it!! I pray that members GET IT! The Lord and his missionaries need your help!! :) 
I am so so proud of him! What a champ! Grateful to have family serving and doing the Work of Salvation all over the world. Love ya Joshie!