Friday, May 30, 2014

Grateful for my hurricane.

How can I ever thank everyone for the prayers and fasting on my behalf?? 
...Can someone please tell me how? I'd really like to know.
 President Miller called me before I went in and told me that the mission would be fasting for me on Friday as I went in for my knee surgery.

This has been one darn interesting storm in the hurricane life I feel I've been living. 

What "pre-surgery fake happiness" looks like:)

What "post-surgery no chance of faking it this time" looks like:/
Now I remember why I used to joke about waiting for the Second Coming before going through another knee surgery. 

Not my cup of tea. 

Apparently, the surgery went well. My ACL was successfully reconstructed (this time using my own not so wimpy tendons, thank you very much), the shredded meniscus removed, and  I came out of anesthesia just fine...that is until I started swelling up and hives broke out over my face. ..Still haven't figured that one out. Then after coming home for a time we took a fun little midnight run to the ER 24 hours later because I couldn't seem to uh, breathe. They don't classify wheezing and straw sucking as getting in your oxygen supply these days.

Again, Not my cup of tea. 

The doctor thought there was a possibility of a blood clot in my lungs, my mom almost lost it about then. We did a cat scan and he determined instead to start me on antibiotics for bronchitis as he didn't see any clots in the scans. Bronchitis. Of course. My old friend! After loading up on more IV meds and a breathing treatment from the respiratory department, I went home. The next day the nausea patch came off...BIG mistake. I threw up for two days and could not get food or liquids down for so long we almost made a second trip to the ER. I decided pain was better than the pain pills. When it rains it sure does pour. But as President Uchtdorf reminds us all, "How much of life do we miss by waiting to see the rainbow before thanking God that there is rain?" True that my friends. Rain is needed but can be hard to be grateful for when we don't really feel like getting wet. However, without it we wouldn't see the end results so beautifully work themselves out. 

I know I have Dr. Millar, those sweet nurses, my momma, the King of re-filling the ice machine..also known as 'Dad', BF Alli and the NMAM missionaries for helping me through this week as well as countless others who've stepped up to help make me as comfortable as possible..