Monday, August 26, 2013

Selling Books and Smurfing

So we were at McDonald's and on accident they gave me a

kid's meal but told me I could keep it...and lo and behold there was a

smurf inside. So I decided to go smurfing but "Missionary Smurfing."
I'm taking this little guy around with me everywhere...notice his own

tag. ;) 

Meet Elder Smurf.
 Elder Smurf goes driving with us everywhere.
 He is such a great nightly planner! He always has the best input...
 He even comes with us to all of our appointments...
(More on the smurfing next week)

....I've also got a fun little story to share with you all this week.
Thought you might like to know. We've been busy with exchanges this
week, as always and this Friday I was here in the area with a new
English sister missionary who just came out this transfer and Sister
Biancardi who was in their area back in El Paso. Of course this would
happen to me on an exchange. I have the best luck. :)
We were visiting an investigator and he wasn't home so we got back in the truck and I made a
quick phone call to one of the sisters who wasn't feeling very good
that morning so we sat in the truck outside of the house for a good 10
minutes. (PS, we had a member in the back with us coming to
appointments). I finally pulled out and started heading to our dinner
appointment on the other side of Horizon a good 20 minutes away. We
had just enough time to get there and to drop off our member.
I noticed a cop car going the opposite way and checked to make sure I
was going the speed limit and I was, so I had no reason to worry. I
thought. ...I thought wrong. :) He turned around and started following
us. I made a comment that I really don't like
when cops do that. It always freaks me out. He followed me for about 5
minutes and I really started getting ancy but I wasn't doing anything
wrong so I told myself to calm down. Finally turned his lights on and I couldn't believe he
was pulling us over and I couldn't figure out why?? I rolled down the
window and he asked me my name and what we were doing in the area. I
told him that I was Sister Silva and that we were missionaries for The
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and that we were spreading
the gospel of Jesus Christ. He gave me the look like 'yah right' and
said that they had received a call reporting two suspicious females in
a white truck selling books! Can you believe it? I almost started
laughing...until I saw 2 more cop cars pull up and 4 more police
officers step out. I definitely didn't laugh when he told me to step
out of the vehicle myself. I told him that it was a rule my companion
come with me and he told me firmly..No. So I yelled back at the sister to roll down her window so we'd be in sight and sound of
each other and I went with the officer. The officer introduced me to a
Detective 'someone' and she began asking questions (with a body guard
by her side whose hand sat promptly on his gun the entire time...not.
even. kidding.) By this point I was starting to tremble a little and
thought we might have to cancel dinner haha. I felt an impression to
state our missionary purpose and to testify to her. It was kind of
fun. I told her that I was a missionary for the Lord and that our
purpose was to invite others to come unto Christ, to learn of Him and
to help them receive His restored gospel and so on...she then asked
how many of us were there. I told her I thought about 76,000 of us
now. She looked at me bluntly and said she meant in our area only.  I
told her at least 10 of us or so. Sometimes we ride bikes, sometimes
in cars and no we don't sell books. We give them free of charge. She
started to look a little sheepish and I tried to contain my laughter.
The whole situation was just funny. They finally let us go but only
because they cleared our licenses and because we had our missionary
identification cards on us. Totally gained a testimony of keeping
those on us at all times! They told us how important it was in the MTC
but I now have an understanding of the 'WHY' behind it. Later (after
getting to dinner a little late) the bishop's daughter told us
the rumor that has been going around. Apparently, there's been a lady
going around selling children's books and targeting families and then
kidnapping the children and selling them into child trafficking!
Absolutely terrible...but it hit me that that is exactly why we got
pulled over. Bottom line is...I got mistaken for a child trafficker
this week! Totally makes sense because we are always looking for
families to teach and a common question we ask is, "So, how many
children do you have?" However there is a BIG difference between the
two situations of course but I can see the reason we got pulled over.
Hilarious the time no. Anyways, just the general life of a
Sister Missionary.

Love you all and have a greeeeaaaat week!

                                                                     -Hermana Silva :)

(Read the news story here)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Week of Celebration

On exchanges these little kids did their own primary program for us
during dinner...So adorable! 
 Wedding Day!!!!

 We had a BEAUTIFUL wedding this week! On Saturday morning these two got married. They have the CUTEST baby and they are so excited to
prepare to enter the temple a year from now and be sealed to him for
time and all eternity. So proud and so happy for this little family.
 Sister Biancardi and I with the family. FELICIDADES A ESTE PAREJA!
 And then we celebrated by covering this little boy's face with cake ;)
 Also, if I've learned one important truth on my's that
 The Assistants sent us a two part message but I about died when I
noticed what it said in the second message. I think they might be a
little confused...if so...why am I out here? ;)
 District with ZL's and Assistants this week at District Meeting.
 My new calling in life! Florist...I've decided it's too much fun :D
We had to assemble the bouquet on the back of the truck on the way 
to the wedding.
 As a missionary, we meet lots of people from all walks of life. We had
a lovely conversation with this man, who we fondly nicknamed,
"Jamaican Sherlock. " Sound about right??
 Second Coming? No, it's just the Texas sun. I
swear, anyone who hasn't seen the sky out in Texas is missing out.
This picture is quintessential Horizon: pile of dirt, stray dog, gorgeous sky.

Also, welcome to the family, Tyler Jones! Sure wish I could hold
you...I'll wait one more year and then cover you in kisses. :) 
Our newest Jonsie addition to the family! Congrats to my Uncle
Stephen and Aunt Shannalee! Love you all :)

Monday, August 12, 2013


Everyone always always talks about the Fabens Rooster (I don't even know how it got there)...I didn't think I would EVER get out that far but I did the other day while we were doing some service and shoveling dirt for this guy and I finally, por fin por fin got a picture with the famous Fabens Rooster! complete. ;)

Love it! Makes me miss my Idaho a little...but loving
Texas!!! and loving when we get to do service :) Farm style.
A BIG THANK YOU to my family!!! They are
so sweet and I want them to know that it just made my day and that I
sure miss them but am SO glad they were able to spend some time
together as a family. :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We talk to EVERYONE

 Giving out CTR rings to the little girls just makes their day!
 These little misioneras futuras are adorable.
 Back to Albuquerque once more for monthly MLC! Adios Te(j)xas.
 Look what we found in the closet! So the AP's decided to leave us a

little gift in our apartment we stayed in over night. Thanks Elder

Turnbaliff. You're just great.
 MLC Number 3 :D
 Sister Lenhart is leaving this transfer and I am seriously sad. I will

miss seeing her face around the mission. What a wonderful Sister
Missionary she has been. We'll sure miss you! Good thing she's from

Idaho though...we'll definitely have to hook up for lunch later. ;)
 All about green chile in New Mexico.
 We talk to EVERYONE. *Joyful Boldness!*
 Companionship Bear Hug! Awww..

On the way to another appointment...just your friendly sombrero man in

the back of the pick-up...sleeping away haha. :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

We receive revelation...on our feet

How to find...

-Sing while walking
-during exercise in the morning (while jogging or walking outside), yell across the street to people "GOOD MORNING" and when they respond, pretend you can't hear them so you have to cross the street to talk to them (always wear your nametag while exercising)
-hand out balloons in grocery store parking lots that say on them or attach cards at the bottom of the balloons (hand them out as a district after district meetings) :)
-If driving, drive with the windows already down since it's less creepy pulling up to someone. (also helps if motab is playing in the background)
-Sing at Nursing Homes
-People are more willing to talk to you if you're not looking for if knocking, ask for the "Johnson family" and if they're not it, well you already started the conversation! CONTACT:)
-Start the conversation..."you remind me of my friend from home..." or there are a million different conversation creative:)
-Since you can't proselyte in Walmart, just teach each other, really loudly Lesson 1 while grocery shopping on P-day.
-Stop the ice cream man...for multiple reasons:)
-Hand out water bottles to joggers that say on them
-There's a barcode on the back of all the cards that missionaries never use so ask people if they have a scanner app on their phone because you're curious to watch the video. that way you can watch it together:)
-Everyone always asks what the secret to "finding" is...although all these ideas are awesome...the secret is to TALK TO EVERYBODY! OPEN YOUR MOUTH! yourself, put all fears on the sacrificial alter and talk to people. They are all around you...don't pass them by! Make it a goal to talk to everyone...I promise. Your investigator pool WILL grow.