Monday, March 25, 2013

Reasons I love my Grandpa Jones

  • Because he sang "Oh by gosh, by golly- it's time for mistletoe and holly" every Christmas. Sinatra's "Oh by gosh, by golly."
  • Because he called my Grandma, "Rose" (even though that's not her name)
  • Because of his love for horses (what a cowboy)
  • Because he loved John Wayne movies!
  • Because he let me play piano that one time during a golf tournament on TV
  • Because he'd show up at the door randomly for a visit
  • Because he married Grandma
  • Because he took my brother and I on horseback riding trips to Caribou National Forest
  • Because whenever he walked in a room he always cleared his throat (humph, hmm, hmmm)
  • Because he'd always fall asleep with his mouth open
  • Because he loved road trips visiting his grandchildren
  • Because he cared about his pioneer ancestors
  • Because he loved grandma's good food as much as I do!
  • Because he brought us a trampoline one day after school
  • Because he let us dog sit "Molly"
  • Because he always smelled so good when he hugged me
  • Because he called me "sweetheart"
  • Because he and Grandma would come all the way to Rexburg to take me out to dinner when I was at school
  • Because he'd often slip me money as a poor college student
  • Because his testimony of the gospel was brighter than the sun.
  • Because he loves the savior
  • Because he's tough
  • Because we both get to be missionaries together now!

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