Monday, September 16, 2013

It's not work ADVENTURE!

Let's start the week off with another beautiful sunset here in Texas. :') God is good. 
 This is definitely monsoon season. Aka "missionary heaven" 

 This is the way to our 12:00 appointment...yah, didn't happen.
Elder Smurf could not help the puddle jumping this week. 
Can I just say that sometimes Elders need to be more descriptive when filling out the area book. This description could be referring to just about anyone haha. :P 
We went on exchanges...We had a blast! Missionary work SHOULD be fun. Now their car may have been dirty...but they made it a positive out of a negative. GREAT advertising sisters! (Just in case you can't read says MORMON.ORG)

This is a shirt we found at the gas station that
communicates exactly what we think of the work of's not work


If you look carefully, this is some random church in
Sparks where their main picture is the same one produced by OUR church
that 'happens' to be on the front of the restoration pamphlets we use
every day. we pass these out people are going to go here

instead. So confusing.

Same thing here...does this picture look familiar? Haha, apparently

the rest of the world really likes Mormon artist's depictions of the
Savior. I don't mind them myself really.

Our Missionary Fleet here in Horizon.

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