Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Roller Coaster

Helped out at transfers again this week and guess what beautiful Sister I ran into!??...ahh I miss that girl...cute new haircut too! 
 And then...my companion decided to kill me. ;) 
 So we were at the doctor's office this week and we were super super bored because you know how long a wait it can be at the doctor's...we got a little creative. :) We decided to make a temple for all to see! 

*Siempre testifying.* 
 My Dad apparently hates smurfs...(didn't realize that until the last email from home haha) but now I am going to annoy him by taking even more smurf pictures! :) Here's another for the week Dad...Elder Smurf ALMOST joined another church this week just because of how cool it looked on the outside. Goodness. 
 Once again...another Mission Leadership Conference up in good old Albuquerque with President and Sister Miller! It's become quite the tradition to take a picture of all these worn-out shoes :) 
 You really are out in the middle of nowhere on the way back to Horizon, Texas from Albuquerque. :O

New STL white board for the Sisters! I LOVE being organized. Seriously, the work and exchanges go so much smoother when you have your thoughts categorized. All about prioritizing. 
...futuros misioneros del Senor! They now wear these to church every week. This girl just gave her first talk in Primary this Sunday and did SUCH an outstanding job. (Thank you Alli for sending me the tags in the first place!) 
What an emotional roller-coaster the last 7 months have been. It's always up and down and up and down. Sometimes my companions and I get along and sometimes we don't. Sometimes the Spanish sounds beautiful coming out of my mouth and other times it doesn't. Sometimes I never want to come home and sometimes I'm so completely homesick. Sometimes I feel on top of the world after a lesson and then there's times where people are just not 'getting it'
...a mission is the hardest thing I've ever loved to do. 

There are days where I am sure that my Heavenly Father is going to blast me with lighting because of how lazy I feel or that I whistled Disney in the car. Other times I feel His love so strongly and know that I'm in a good place with Him. And this all happens in just one, long, single, solitary day. I WANNA GET OFF THE ROLLER COASTER! ...But at the same time if I do then I don't get to feel the heights and the thrill of the ride. It's worth all of those butterfly stomach moments.

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