Tuesday, November 26, 2013

French Toast makes a happy missionary!

Can I just say how wonderful it is being a missionary?! I am so happy! We started talking with everyone. Absolutely anyone who was outside, getting in their car, waiting for the bus...we didn't let one single person pass us by. That's the secret...talking to the Lord's children. So simple! There is the sweet assurance that the Lord takes care of His missionaries in my heart. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving! ...No worries we have a very nice English family feeding us Thanksgiving dinner this week so we are well looked after.

I was in a picture taking mood this week...so get ready! get set!

Sister Dennis...mi amiga de la oficina...LOVE this dedicated secretary! Without her...NONE of our baptisms would be official. :)
...Rio Rancho District picture before transfers this week...unfortunately one of my favorite Sisters is cut out of the picture...
 So...she gets her own picture haha
 These good Elders are handing over their area to us in good condition...they were great to work with and sad they are leaving our District!
 And then there's...the Zone Leaders...how we shall miss them! It's nice to have great Zone Leaders to work with as Sister Training Leaders. We rely on their help so often. Good times :)
 YEP! ...It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!! Finally. 
 Tip for future missionaries...when struggling with ANYTHING: Just make time to make some French Toast.
It cheers you right up! (*add Buttermilk syrup as needed*)

 So we know that Brother Laws is a Dallas Cowboy fan...so, our Christmas present to him.......
 We were outside as it was snowing right before going home for the night and this PERFECT snowflake fell on Sister Adam's coat...seriously, look at this thing! God is real and He definitely appreciates the beauty of small details.
 We even got some snow!
So cool story!
We were at the airport this morning greeting the new missionaries coming in and Sister Adams and I started a simple conversation with a lady by saying we liked her coat and that it looked so nice and warm. She came over to us later after talking with her and just gave us her coat! Sister Adams had mentioned she needed a new winter coat anyways...oh my goodness. Some people's kids. WE are the ones who should be giving OUR coats to other's. Not the other way around...sweetest lady. Definitely have plenty of Christ-like people walking around us everyday. You just have to go up and talk to them.

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