Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Halloween from Rio Rancho!

 By the way...look what I found! It's still around even after all these years. It's actually a dentist office I think haha. 
 Yummy food every Monday with the Elders at our favorite little Brazilian lady's house. Such a sweetheart and she makes a banquet for a king every time we are there. Some members...good grief...they sacrifice so much for the Lord's servants. 
 Super funny but as we were driving the other day I did a double take and for a split second I thought this was a temple. We now call this our Rio Rancho Temple
 So for Halloween we showed up at the Branch's Trunk or Treat to find our Ward Mission Leader looking like this. The very essence of what a WML should be, am I right? Too cool...too cool. ;) 
We couldn't do much for Halloween...but we tried. ;) 

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