Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm calling it providential.

Like many of you, conference was definitely on the agenda for the weekend. So Alli and my awesome cousin Chazz drove up with me and we stayed with the Sorensen family Saturday night while planning on going to a Sunday session. The Sorensen's are my friend Heidi's family, who happens to be in Australia on her mission right now. We were so excited to stop in and see them. Several conferences ago it was at their house with Heidi, that I first heard the announcement that would tweak my plans and ultimately end up changing my life. It was so great to see them all again, but we definitely missed Heids being there.

These guys are FUN. One of a kind family.

This is where it starts getting providential for me. Cindy, is the best "doctor" I've talked to since being home I think. I mean of course, I've had some great doctors who I am beyond grateful for, but Heavenly Father led me to Cindy's home for a reason this week. And I am going to recognize this as a HUGE blessing from Him instead of calling it coincidence. This terrific mom gave me so many ways to improve some of my health problems because she and Heidi have been through some of the same things I've been pushing through. 
God bless the Sorensens. 

Anyways, Chazz, Alli and I had a terrific weekend enjoying each other's company, jokes and of course enjoying the Spirit of Conference like I'm sure you all did. I've missed Temple Square since being on my mission. The Spirit is almost like being in the MTC again.  

Then it just got CRAZY!...

 Meet my adorable cousin Sister Victoria Silva who is serving in the Salt Lake City mission. I didn't expect to see her at temple square though and especially with that sea of people. God led us to each other and somehow helped her recognize the back of my head! Seriously...she's good, especially since I just dyed my hair and it was in a bun. How she recognized me, I'll never know.
Silva cousins:) 

And then...I turn around and recognize Uncle Peter and Tia Tina...MORE Silva family! 

Call it providential, God-given, heaven-sent or all the above. But it was my weekend miracle. 


I think my Heavenly Father may really love me...
I saw 4 people from my mission! 
Including Hermana Reza who used to come out with me in Albuquerque to our lessons. 
We have now switched places wearing those name tags. 
But...both of us have always been and always will be missionaries for our Savior, Jesus Christ.


If you didn't have the opportunity to watch General Conference this week you can watch it here.

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