Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dear Stress...let's break up.

I feel like since there are thousands of pre-missionaries getting ready to go and serve, I should say something about what I'm feeling like and why it is just so dang hard. Some days I feel like I need a "bang head here" sign. 

Among some of the general things to deal with as a missionary there are...

-Living with a different person and in a different culture
-Adjusting to missionary rules, the schedule and lifestyle
-Learning a new language
-Personal weaknesses or lack of knowledge 
-Power of the Adversary 

I found a talk from the Ensign called "Preparing Emotionally for Missionary Service" and it helped me realize that even with all of these worries, that it is completely NORMAL to be concerned and stressed out. Stress IS going to come with this work. L. Tom Perry said, "Missionary service is emotionally demanding. Your support system  is going to be withdrawn from you as you leave home and go out into the world...there WILL be days of rejection and disappointment." I can't even begin to describe how hard it seems to get once Satan knows you're going on a mission. There are days where he just seems to be yelling in my ear wherever I go.

I don't know about all of you but for me personally and (along with the above mentioned) I have my own list that I'm worried about too...

-Why does everyone keep talking about the orange juice at the MTC? I love orange juice but according to everyone else- DON'T drink it. ?? -wwwhhhhhyyy. 
-There are NO long khaki denim skirts anywhere to be found!
-Do I need quarters for the MTC laundry room or does my previous tithing somehow cover that?
-How in the world do I fit my CD player, alarm clock, iron, hair dryer, several books, personal items, sheets and blanket, English and Spanish triple combinations, and my family photo album all in my suitcase? Oh...and then there's my clothes and shoes too. (I might as well try fitting a horse in there while I'm at it) 
-And then how do I carry it all around? (I'm hoping the Elders will help me)
-Where do I put my smartphone for a year and a half so my sister doesn't find it? 
-I hate labels...therefore big orange dot on the name tag...well to me, that I'll survive.
-What if I say pedo instead of pido...Necesito practicar mi espanol! Seriously. 
-I forgot to go swimming for the last time! 
-Do I have enough stamps? (*sidenote*..never have enough it seems)
-Someone explain how to ride a bicycle in a skirt. ...tough.
-How do I figure out the 'staying cute' but still 'missionary appropriate' look?
-Will they give me a pillow at some point or do I need my own? (Seriously, I wish in the missionary booklet that was the first thing they tell you) 
-I need recipes. Hoping the members feed me??
-And how in the world am I going to say goodbye to my mom...

So, how do I relieve all of this stress and this 'I just can't do it' attitude?
Through Christ.
I also rely on my friend the Spirit.
Getting an adequate amount of rest and exercise.
Start following the missionary schedule now! (so bad at that, not gonna lie...doing this post at 2 am, heh.)
And putting on my armor before I get up each morning so I can muffle the adversary's yelling and screaming or I will go deaf here.

Greatest Muffler known to man = Scripture Power and the Power of Prayer.

I'm going to give up on being perfect in this life, now of course I'll keep on doing my best but I'm gonna cut myself some slack and keep in mind that someday I can be shined and polished perfectly through these experiences. This is all part of the refiner's fire.

Si se puede. 

...and don't forget, STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards. Go treat yourself. 


  1. Hey Em...nice one. You're kinda funny sometimes! Maybe that's why we're friends:) Make sure you bring the recipe for poppyseed chicken! Keep the faith, sister! You should do a post of things you're excited about! Like...sunsets in NM, hot air balloons, no homework for a year and a half, no dating, etc. LOVE YOU MUCHO, hermana!!!

  2. I'm going to Albuquerque too! English speaking though. Just thought it was nice that I stumbled upon your blog today as I was shuffling through Pinterest (what a waste of time but I'm SOO addicted...). Kind of an answer to a prayer reading your posts cause I'm freaking out a little... I have a month before I enter the MTC.

    1. Hannah, that's awesome! Hopefully I'll see you there Sister Schieving :) Excited! Glad it could help somewhat because the closer it gets...the nerves grow. :/