Wednesday, January 30, 2013

That Land of Enchantment.

Challenge accepted. I thought it would be good to do more research anyways and see what there is to do in Nueva Mexico! Not that I will ACTUALLY get to do this stuff since I will be a Sister Missionary but I'm sure I will at least get to SEE and experience some of it. So here goes...

20 first reasons why 
I CAN'T WAIT to get to New Mexico: 

1. Sandia Peak Tramway

2. Pretty Pueblo Towns

3. Hot Air Balloon Festival! (*sigh.. someday)

4. Yessssss, no dating :)

5. Mexican Food! (or really good Tex-Mex anyways)

6. Albuquerque's Natural Museums of Art, Science and History

(Okay, really though. SO excited for this history museum. Those who know me well, understand or at least try to understand my fixation with dinosaurs. Next life...I'm asking for one as a pet. No doubt.)

7. Rio Grande Zoo

8. Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

9. Old Town Albuquerque

10. Oh and SO STOKED for the American Rattlesnake Museum haha.

11. Seeing the Rio Grande

12. Those SUNSETS!

13. No homework or finals for over a year!
(My BYU I-Learn is sooo preeettyyyyy)

14. To be surrounded by my ancestors and my heritage (and the cutest couple award goes to..)

15. Because everybody knows its the "Land of Enchantment" (actually my dad just told me this...I had no clue)

16. Horseback riding down the Roswell trails


18. Because I can take spicy. Bring it.


19. To visit the Carlsbad Caverns again. Except this time without my best friend :(


Anyone else going on missions...Challenge for you:
Find your own 20 things! I found by the end of this simple post that my love grew times fold for the area.

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