Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jesse's Baptism and tiempo con la familia!

 I love my calling and am grateful the

Lord trusts me with this responsibility over His precious daughters.
So you ready for it!?? You sure? Ok...so...

This week...Jesse got baptized! and confirmed! 
and got the priesthood!

It was so so so wonderful for me to see and witness his special day. His face was just glowing. 
He loves sharing his testimony with everyone. After Jesse's baptism we
went to a barbeque for the stake and I completely forgot that my
family might be there. It is there stake after all.
I was just so caught up with our busy schedule
and Jesse and preparations for the baptism and everything.
We pulled up and I walked up to one of the tables and there was a group of people all sitting
together in chairs there and all of a sudden I heard, "EMILY!" I knew
that it had to be my wonderful grandmother...no one else calls me
"Emily" here. :) It was sure fun/weird to visit with them all and introduce
them to Jesse. I'm more than blessed to have my family here.
 I was able to visit Heidi, Sophie and Uncle Bobby on one of
my exchanges. It turns out the 11th ward sisters set up the
appointment just because they knew I was coming. Complete

surprise...and yes it did feel a little weird but it was such a

rewarding and sweet experience. Heavenly Father is sending me some very

beautiful blessings right now. 

Have a wonderful week.

 Yes...do you recognize this little cutie!? My cousin...Miss Sophie. I'm one of the luckiest missionaries. :)
 Finally this week we had a BREAK from the heat! Gotta love Monsoon season.
 You all need to know this. I LOVE Sister Pipkin. This Sister is so

happy...SO HAPPY I tell you. All the time. So happy to have her and

her wonderful companion Sister Adams in our district.

 Transfers once again :( but.................we are almost all staying!

Good thing too because our district is awesome.

So, all is well. Sorry to Elder Flint (who goes home tomorrow) but
he's kinda cut out of the picture. Bad angle on my camera's part.

Here's to a new 6 weeks!

 And Jesse. I don't even know where to start with Jesse. He is AMAZING!

He came with us to an appointment even before he was baptized
and bore his testimony of the Book of Mormon with such power that
there was no doubt in my mind that Jesse is a very special spirit. It's a beautiful moment when someone testifies of something that you taught them only a few weeks ago. Thank you to my Heavenly
Father for sending us Jesus Garcia to find and teach...and to learn from!

 Sister Biancardi and I with Jesse and Obispo Garcia who baptized and

confirmed him.

 Grandma :D

Stake BBQ right after the baptism...look who I found! Aunt Heidi, Cousin Victor, and Grandma & Grandpa:)...trust me, I completely recognize how I'm blessed here. (Jesse became part of the family today :)


  1. Hi, sorry I don't know where else I could have asked but how is this blog kept? Are you able to blog from your mission? Thanks :) Be careful!

    1. No, Sister Silva sends everything through e-mail and I post it on the blog for her! Have a good day:)