Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Joyful Boldness

 Exchanges with Crazy Sister Pipkin. Oh this Sister is just tearing it up!
 This was my bed this week. Ok, not every night but it was a bit of a crazy week.
 I don't think Sister Cederquist would enjoy having a picture of her up here right now so I'll just show you where we spent most of our time this week. Poor Sister Cederquist and stupid burst appendix. All is

well though and she's on the mend. She's sure a trooper!
 You know you're in El Paso when...for dessert...chocolate tacos.
 So I stole the idea from up North but mentioned how awesome it would

be to hand out balloons with mormon.org cards attached to them to
people and so we decided to actually do it as a district this week

after district meeting. Super fun!
 Here's the new district for this transfer! Mission Trails!

 Sister B and I have made this the new motto in our 'home.' We LOVE

telling everybody about this. We told the whole Zone :) ..Seriously
though, it's SO easy to find people when you're happy and bold and
confident about what your sharing with them. They listen and want to
know more. We have found so many new investigators every single week
because of the power of this motto. I'm telling you catch phrases

really help!
 This is why they call it 'Horizon City.'
 Also...'Little Mexico' has the funniest things on the side of the road

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