Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Week of Celebration

On exchanges these little kids did their own primary program for us
during dinner...So adorable! 
 Wedding Day!!!!

 We had a BEAUTIFUL wedding this week! On Saturday morning these two got married. They have the CUTEST baby and they are so excited to
prepare to enter the temple a year from now and be sealed to him for
time and all eternity. So proud and so happy for this little family.
 Sister Biancardi and I with the family. FELICIDADES A ESTE PAREJA!
 And then we celebrated by covering this little boy's face with cake ;)
 Also, if I've learned one important truth on my mission...it's that
 The Assistants sent us a two part message but I about died when I
noticed what it said in the second message. I think they might be a
little confused...if so...why am I out here? ;)
 District with ZL's and Assistants this week at District Meeting.
 My new calling in life! Florist...I've decided it's too much fun :D
We had to assemble the bouquet on the back of the truck on the way 
to the wedding.
 As a missionary, we meet lots of people from all walks of life. We had
a lovely conversation with this man, who we fondly nicknamed,
"Jamaican Sherlock. " Sound about right??
 Second Coming? No, it's just the Texas sun. I
swear, anyone who hasn't seen the sky out in Texas is missing out.
This picture is quintessential Horizon: pile of dirt, stray dog, gorgeous sky.

Also, welcome to the family, Tyler Jones! Sure wish I could hold
you...I'll wait one more year and then cover you in kisses. :) 
Our newest Jonsie addition to the family! Congrats to my Uncle
Stephen and Aunt Shannalee! Love you all :)


  1. I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed having you over and even more how much I appreciate your beautiful testimony that you shared with us. I welcome those times when the Spirit is brought into our home.
    What a treat it is to see you as a missionary you simply radiate with your enthusiasm and your pure testimony of the gospel.

  2. I don't really know where this comment is going, but whatevs. Sister Silva seems like such a stylish and awesome girl! 1st of all, awesome job as a missionary, 2nd where do you get your clothes???