Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We talk to EVERYONE

 Giving out CTR rings to the little girls just makes their day!
 These little misioneras futuras are adorable.
 Back to Albuquerque once more for monthly MLC! Adios Te(j)xas.
 Look what we found in the closet! So the AP's decided to leave us a

little gift in our apartment we stayed in over night. Thanks Elder

Turnbaliff. You're just great.
 MLC Number 3 :D
 Sister Lenhart is leaving this transfer and I am seriously sad. I will

miss seeing her face around the mission. What a wonderful Sister
Missionary she has been. We'll sure miss you! Good thing she's from

Idaho though...we'll definitely have to hook up for lunch later. ;)
 All about green chile in New Mexico.
 We talk to EVERYONE. *Joyful Boldness!*
 Companionship Bear Hug! Awww..

On the way to another appointment...just your friendly sombrero man in

the back of the pick-up...sleeping away haha. :)

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