Sunday, August 4, 2013

We receive revelation...on our feet

How to find...

-Sing while walking
-during exercise in the morning (while jogging or walking outside), yell across the street to people "GOOD MORNING" and when they respond, pretend you can't hear them so you have to cross the street to talk to them (always wear your nametag while exercising)
-hand out balloons in grocery store parking lots that say on them or attach cards at the bottom of the balloons (hand them out as a district after district meetings) :)
-If driving, drive with the windows already down since it's less creepy pulling up to someone. (also helps if motab is playing in the background)
-Sing at Nursing Homes
-People are more willing to talk to you if you're not looking for if knocking, ask for the "Johnson family" and if they're not it, well you already started the conversation! CONTACT:)
-Start the conversation..."you remind me of my friend from home..." or there are a million different conversation creative:)
-Since you can't proselyte in Walmart, just teach each other, really loudly Lesson 1 while grocery shopping on P-day.
-Stop the ice cream man...for multiple reasons:)
-Hand out water bottles to joggers that say on them
-There's a barcode on the back of all the cards that missionaries never use so ask people if they have a scanner app on their phone because you're curious to watch the video. that way you can watch it together:)
-Everyone always asks what the secret to "finding" is...although all these ideas are awesome...the secret is to TALK TO EVERYBODY! OPEN YOUR MOUTH! yourself, put all fears on the sacrificial alter and talk to people. They are all around you...don't pass them by! Make it a goal to talk to everyone...I promise. Your investigator pool WILL grow.

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