Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Horse Country

 sigh** Horse Country.
 This is exactly what we are trying to convey to our investigators...glad someone else agrees with us...also...fastening your seatbelt is a good thing too.
 Can I just say one thing...POMEGRANATE SEASON!! ..Missing my best friend ;')
 So one of the plus sides of my calling is being able to travel to different parts of the mission. Heading up North this week, here are but a few of the reasons why I love my New Mexico.
 What happened to the dirt and rocks that I'm so used to??

 Beautiful morning drive :) appreciating my Heavenly Father's creations.
 Our morning walk behind our apartment...best place for companionship study right?!
Saw this picture of one of the little kids book in our branch this Sunday and couldn't help but laugh. 
Dear Family...
HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Hermana Silva y Hermana Adams!! 
Love you...
Never mind the Christmas Tree behind the door there...

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