Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Changes and goodbyes!

So President Miller #1 is leaving us. :( But President Miller #2 is coming and we are SO excited to meet him! President Miller, since it is his last MLC decided to treat us out and surprised us by taking the ZL's and STL's toTucanos Brazilian Grill for dinner...yummmmm.
 You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes...look at these hardworking missionary shoes! MLC!
 REUNITED...my lovely MTC companion Sister Biancardi:)
 Goodbyes to Sister Allen! Such an awesome trainer. Goin' home!
 At the mission home with Sister Rivas, Sister McFarland, Sister McCurdy and President and Sister Miller
 Love this wonderful family who makes awesome Peruvian dinners for us!

 And then there's Anna Hernandez (between Sister Rivas and I)...who we have been teaching for the last several weeks. Isabel Hernandez (blue shirt) is her older sister and an awesome, awesome member! She called us asking to come by and teach her sister. We had some of the best lessons with these two sisters.
(*Sidenote...Anna got baptized a few weeks after leaving the area!*) 
 Awesome future sister missionary who's been coming out with us :) So sweet!


Fast food much?....yah time to take the trash out! ...don't judge us haha

 You saw it here first folks...pepperoni and GREEN CHILE pizza. We're not in Idaho anymore:)

Sister Pizza Party for lunch! Sometimes you just need "SISTER TIME" ya know what I mean?

Brianda's mission call! I love this girl to death! She will be the best missionary in Salt Lake City, Utah! Congrats beautiful girl! I love you!

And then there's my good friend Duby :) How I love this sweet girl who helps us out so much.
I'll miss her!

 Cutest. Kids. Ever. holding the "futuro misionero" (future missionary) nametags Alli sent to me. We got to teach their class about how to be a missionary someday. So fun for us!

Saying goodbye to Mateo and Gabby Cordoba and little Allison! Loved teaching these two.

Not. Even. Kidding...I did not expect to have more than one roommate living with me on my mission...but these guys find their way in...unwanted visitors!

And thanks Elder Montgomery...haha :)

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