Thursday, June 13, 2013


A little bit of an update for the day here! Here's a few clues...its

super hot here, umm...really hot, and did I mention just how hot it is

 I'm in El Paso. 

Can you believe it? I NEVER thought they would

send me here. I made sure during the last interviews with President
that he knew about all the family I have down here and thought for
certain they wouldn't send me to where they are all at. Well SURPRISE!
Not only did they send me to El Paso, Texas but I am in my
grandparent's and Aunt Heidi's stake! When I got here one sister said,
"Oh we just had dinner with your grandparents on Friday." Another
Elder asked if I was related to Manuel Bojorquez who's the Branch
President where he's serving. Apparently they've been praying me here
haha. If I'm right, Manuel is dad's uncle so my second uncle? Which
makes Josh and Manny my second cousins. I recently heard Josh just got
his mission call to Monterey, Mexico too! So proud of him. Anyways,
I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it all yet. Number 1...I miss
Albuquerque and our investigators. I miss the people. I feel like I
left my heart in Idaho...then left a piece in the MTC...then left a
good chunk in Albuquerque..but I know the Lord will help my heart to
grow with the people here too through time. As an STL we will be doing
exchanges with the sisters sometimes up to 2 times a week or more and I will
be exchanging with the Sisters in 8th ward where grandma and grandpa
are. Wouldn't it be funny to call them and ask them for member
presence at our lessons? What if they're scheduled for dinner that
night? Que medio raro. Again...still not sure how I feel about it.
Coming here to El Paso over the years, it never once crossed my mind
that I would be here serving my mission. Ok, now for the next
surprise. All week the Assistants have been smiling and whispering and
driving me crazy since they knew who my companion would be and where I
was going. They wouldn't tell me a thing of course and now I
understand why they were acting the way they were. I am back once
again with my lovely MTC companion Sister Biancardi! Sister B and I
were reunited once again. I drove one of the new cars down to Las
Lunes on Tuesday with a new sister and then exchanged cars down to El
Paso and the moment I parked the car, Sister B came running and we
were told we were companions again! We may have jumped up and down
like silly little girls...just maybe. Our new area is 'Horizon' which
is actually just southeast of El Paso but still within the boundaries
of the El Paso stake (including 8th ward). It was sure sad to say
goodbye to Sister Rivas who's become a good friend but it's really fun
coming into a new area and a new transfer already knowing your
companion. We have been all smiles that last couple of days. We are
working hard here in the hot hot sun and trying not to get dehydrated.
I'll admit, it's not my favorite thing proselyting in 105+ degree
weather but any sacrifice for the Lord is so worth it! Excited to learn
to love the people and area here. Anyways just a quick update for you
so you know all is well and I'm safe and sound and settling in.

Love you all and have a wonderful week! 

Hermanita Silva

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