Monday, June 3, 2013

WINDEX is my new miracle product

Yet another week. Busy busy busy. I love being busy though. When your
planner is filled as are a very happy missionary.

This week we have been working with our most progressing investigators

the most which is Ana Hernandez, her mom Martina, Magdalena and her
nieto Loren. We are loving them so much and I pray for them like
they're my own children. I would do just about anything for them. We
had a really good lesson with Ana and Martina just last night and left
them with the commitments of praying, reading and asking Heavenly
Father if baptism is what they need to do right now in their lives and
to know that this is all true. 

We also had a funny experience the other night. We had Hermano Escobar

(nicest man on the planet) who was a member at a lesson we had.
Afterwards he insisted on treating us out to McDonald's. 
He had just lost his job and was really struggling but insisted on treating us out joking around saying that he knew he would receive blessings if he did. Little did we know...While we were
there we had 2 people...TWO...who both spoke Spanish...who came up to US
and asked to be taught the gospel. No joke. They said they were
interested and wanted to know more and asked when we could come by and
teach them. I was in "eshock." Get this of the people we
met there was named Jim and Jim is a real estate agent. He needed
someone to help with repairing tile in a few houses he was working on
and Hermano Escobar...does that for a living. Right there on the
spot...he offered Hermano Escobar a job! Do you see what happens when
you help the missionaries? Blessings. Sometimes those blessings come real quick too!
In fact we just had a guy come
up to us a minute ago and ask if he could take us out to eat for lunch
because his wife is in the hospital and they need the blessings. He
just left to visit her and we are meeting him at 1 for lunch at a
restaurant. I promise, when you help the Lord's servants, He helps
you. Blessings, blessings, blessings.

Anyways, got to get going. Busy day. P- Day is never seems to be a relaxing day as

a missionary...sometimes I feel like it's the busiest day of the week!
So much to do and so little time. :) 
Interesting Fact about missionary work...did you know naps don't exist
as a missionary? Just thought you'd like to know.

 Sister Rivas and I have made a miracle discovery. Who needs Raid or other insect killing sprays that cost way too much when you can use WINDEX. We figured this out the other night when we were planning and this cockroach practically jumped at us and starting running for us. I was scared out of my mind. The first thing we could find was Windex so we just started spraying. Best defense weapon (It also works on Spiders...big the shower).
It's super wierd. They just curl up and die. In like a minute. Or less. Windex is my miracle product. 
 Little balls of cockroaches. All over the place. :p iccckkk.
 I'm telling you...we are EXTREMELY happy about this. Coackroach count for just the last day...5.
 Look at our beautiful board of NEW INVESTIGATORS! We are so happy! The 
Lord has blessed us so abundantly in finding these people. I am so
honored to be a tool in His marvelous hands. The field really is white
and ready to harvest...we still plant seeds but so many seeds have already
been planted and have now grown. Time to reap it in!

 Last Haines district meeting and last pictures of our Haines district...Transfer 2! 
Transfer 3 here we come...
A little bit nervous. I love my district. Love my Zone Leaders. Love
my companion. Love this area. Love our branch. And definitely Love our can't be time for transfers yet!??

 And missionaries...have their silly sides. Trust me.

 So one of our investigators Magdalena who is progressing wonderfully

and is such a good friend to us now, had these lovely tamales waiting
for us when we came to our appointment the other night. How sweet is
she?? Full of pollo y chile verde...with a touch of Jalapeno. Aren't
we blessed? Thank you Magdalena.

Here's a better picture of my 'pink' mountains this week.

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