Monday, June 17, 2013

Loving El Paso:)

 I'm so happy to be a missionary!  
Now...this place is just a 'tad' different than Albuquerque.

I'm in a huge ward down here and the people
here are wonderful. Some are even relatives of some of the branch
members back from Alvarado Park (who I miss dearly). We have our first
exchange tomorrow in El Paso with the 8th ward sisters!  Anyways, things here are
good...extremely hot, but good:)

 Driving into El Paso, right on the other side is Juarez. We literally

live like 4 blocks away from Juarez.

 Super awesome but guess who lives right across from me?? Elder Beck!

Small world, small world. Burley high school grads. Who knew that this
kid who was in the same 8th grade math class as me would eventually be
serving in the same area??

 Here's another one of just Sister B and I
 There are 4 sisters, an elderly couple, plus 2 Elders here, all in the same ward. I love

these two sisters who serve with us, Hermana Pipkin and Hermana Adams.
And then there's my loveeellyy MTC companion Sister Biancardi. Can you
believe we're back together again? We used to talk about the 'what
ifs' from the MTC. And now it's true! We are serving together once
again. So excited for this new transfer!

 Yep...HOW GORGEOUS. Right? This is where I live. :)

This isn't "New Mexico" anymore Toto. 
We are definitely in the Lone Star State now.
Had my last week in Albuquerque :( I sure do miss my second, "brown" city!
This picture is of Debany Corral and I...we LOVE the Corral family.
Had my last dinner with them right before transfers.

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