Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Albuquerque week!

Can I just tell you it feels so good to be back "home" in our beautiful area!? Gosh, how I love this place! 
Ride up to the temple last Monday with my favorite Sister Missionaries :) 

And of course the great and powerful Hermana Muntzing drove us up and told us story after story...how I LOVE this Argentinian woman. Everyone needs to meet Hermana Muntzing. 
Temple day! What a beautiful day that was entirely too short...now I have to wait 6 more months :( but that's ok...I've put on my armor and now it's time to go back to work! 
How beautiful is this temple!????? 

BTW...my smurf might have had a little too much fun while in Deseret Book.
He also likes to pray everywhere.
On our way to Albuquerque this week for MLC! 
Driving in to Albuquerque we realized that it is time for the annual Balloon Festival (comes every October) and already there were balloons dotting the morning sky...sigh*...love it! 
Once again! My traditional picture of shoes. Another great MLC meeting with President and Sister Miller. 

I miss this Sister like CRAZY! Sister Adams who was called to be STL in Rio Rancho up North. So great to see her every month! Miss her down in El Paso :'( 
I just HAVE to send you this text we got from a member of the ward who comes out with us every single week. She is amazing and truly understands her role as a member in the Work of Salvation. 
Yes! She gets it!! I pray that members GET IT! The Lord and his missionaries need your help!! :) 
I am so so proud of him! What a champ! Grateful to have family serving and doing the Work of Salvation all over the world. Love ya Joshie!  

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