Monday, October 14, 2013

North bound! Goodbye Horizon :')

TRANSFER NEWS! I'm going North. I said several goodbyes yesterday and am going to say more goodbyes today. This week was so wonderful...two beautiful souls got baptized. We've become so close to them.
Goodbye to my wide-open spaced area. Gonna miss this SOO bad.
 So I got a smurf in MY happy meal...but Sister B...she got a cowardly lion. .."Be strong and of a good courage." 
 Last District picture for me down here in El least for the time being. I'm gonna miss these dedicated, faithful missionaries of the Lord. 
 Goodbye Texas!
 My beautiful friends got baptized on Saturday night. Mother and Daughter. They have both worked SO hard to do this, with outstanding faith. So happy for them. These two made sacrifices to make this covenant with their Heavenly Father. The Lord is so proud of them. What a great send-off too! 
 Yah...I'll miss them. Way tooooo much. :') 

 Round 1 of saying my goodbyes...
 I'll sure miss this Cheetos-eating-frenzy.
 Oh how I'm going to miss this family! 
 And yep...I'm leaving these wonderful people...but in good hands. Sister B knows what she's doing. And plus it's not so bad when you've got a smurf to help you pack.

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