Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ammon, Son of Mosiah.

I have always, always looked up to this missionary. Prime example here. It's my favorite story in the Book of Mormon and its my goal to go out there with the same courage, faith, strength and patience during afflictions that Ammon had as he began his missionary service (minus cutting anyone's arms off...unless they REALLY somehow tick me off). As Mosiah let his sons go and preach the gospel, he was promised that they would be delivered from the hands of the Lamanites and that they would be able to be powerful teachers amongst those people. And Ammon's story alone showed the truth of that. He was a HARD WORKER for one. He was close to the Spirit...so much so that King Lamoni believed he WAS the Great Spirit. He had no pride or superiority in his heart...I mean come on he was put to work as a servant in King Lamoni's household taking care of his sheep...sooooo ideal right? A field hand. But that's what he ASKED to be. A servant! Because that is how you come to love people...is to SERVE THEM. (Do you see why he is just such a darn good missionary?????) This guy is my role model and gets a high five from me in the next life.

If Ammon could go among a blood-thirsty Lamanite nation and change their hearts with the Spirit, his words, example and testimony...then I CAN DO IT TOO. The people of New Mexico probably won't be out to kill me though. ...i hope. Ammon boasted of his God both day and night and proclaimed His glory. Ammon was born to do what he did and when I say I was born to do this too...I mean it, I know it. I've been waiting for this experience for so long that now that it's here...I'm overwhelmed with emotion at how wonderful this gospel is. What a blessing it is to be here during this amazing time in all the earth's history. I'll say goodbye, put on my tag with scriptures in hand and walk out the door each morning with the knowledge that it is my time on this earth to be a missionary. Ammon had his experience...and now its MY TURN!! 

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  1. Emily you are going to be a great missionary :) I'm excited for you!! You have always been so sweet and caring to everyone. The people in New Mexico are lucky to have you coming! Good luck :)