Saturday, February 23, 2013

Funny things my District Elders say...

...This is what happens when you spend 10 hours a day in a small, confined classroom:

  • "Did you hear about the circus elders? It was in-tents"
  • "I had a dream last night...okay, so it was last year but..."
  • "You're way too wigwam right now."
  • "I first started using crayons when I was 8 and my life completely changed."
  • "I'm a very fun person in a very un-fun situation"
  • "Do you see an orange sticker on my nametag? No, you dont...that's because I'm pretty much a veteran here."

  • "Nope, skinny ties just make me look fatter"
  • " that Russian?"
  • "What should I send my girlfriend for Valentine's Day?...You can make her a cake, or fruit tarts! Fruit tarts are good."
  • The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...(Elder Hamm whispers to Elder next to him), "Take that journey, make that step."
  • "We are thankful for that chair...that is just...there." (during a prayer)
  • "This is why I hate orphans."
  • "Can we be honest??...We are going to be weird when we get back..."
  • "We almost just spiritually sweated!"
  • "Did you hear about the guy that's been waiting here for a year for his visa?" (Yeah right)
  • "Spanish class is diarrhea of the mouth."

...gotta love Elders:)


  1. First off, I love this. Can't wait to enter the MTC next week and join the fun! haha Also, how is the blog being updated? Does sister Silva just send home emails in blog form? Does someone else actually write the post? ...or does sister silva get a chance to update?

    1. Hey Kylie! You'll LOVE the MTC! This is Alli, Emily's best friend, and I update her blog. She sends me pictures and exactly what she wants it to say and I just place everything the way she likes. I also forward all of the comments to her and she replies. It has worked out great so far!