Monday, February 4, 2013

Best Friend.

Time to return the favor! I decided to do a post about how much I'm going to miss my best friend. Since she just did one for me. 

Hence, why I love Alli: 

Because she shares her little brother with me. 

Because she's my personal photographer. And a good one at that.

Because she converted to being a "Burley Bobcat" when she moved here.

Because of her awkward poses..haha.

Because she let me convince her into doing stage productions with me :) 

Because she loves road trips as much as I do!

Because she lets me come to her Girl's Camp.

Because of her gorgeous long hair!

Because she taught me how to play guitar.

And then all those summer days playing at the docks by the river. 

She doesn't mind toga parties.

She serenades me from my window!

Best DEVO buddy ever.

She waits in line with me to meet Kirby Heyborne! 

She lets me take over her couch.

Because we're going to Peru someday. 

Because she doesn't mind late night Taco Bandido runs. 

Because I LOVE competing with her at Wacky-six.

Because we love to Skype.

Because she's just...weird. 

And because we LOVE TO PULL PRANKS. ;)

I'll miss you! See ya in 18. 

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