Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sunny Albuquerque

 Sunny Albuquerque
 This is the calendar on a member's fridge. M=Dinner with the
Missionaries. Her calendar is completely dedicated to us eh? ;)
 Driving by the temple...don't you just love how there's a Christian church
right across the street?
 Jocelyn came and helped us with member presence this week for some of

our appointments. She is someone I will definitely miss after being
transferred from this area...ok there's a lot of people but Jocelyn is

one of my favorites!
 Apparently the rumor around here is that this is "Luigi's Tire Shop"
from Route 66, the same one Pixar modeled theirs from the movie Cars.

 We pass this restaurant all the time...and say it in a Mexican accent.
Good times :)
 Introducing you to my home away from home. La Familia Mendoza has

become my New little Mexican family here. We had a Noche de Hogar con ellos la
noche pasado and had a lesson about preparing for a mission with their
kids. I haven't laughed and joked so much before and in such a long
time. They are hilarious. Strong family in the gospel and the spirit

in their home is tan fuerte.
 Y Hermana puede ver este, muchisimas gracias por dejarnos

usar su bano, como todo al tiempo cuando estamos pasando en el area.
"El mejor bano en todo el mundo."

Le queremos Hermana! jajaja ;)

umm and FYI, Hno. Mendoza is taking a trip to visit some friends in
Un poco voy a mentir.
If he stops in...Mom, Dad...give him a nice home cooked meal. He and
his family have fed me many times and take such good care of me.
Sure love them!

Alli, I'm forwarding this email I got from one of the Elders who's serving in Puebla, Mexico right now who was in the MTC with me. Apparently, his planner is quite similar to mine. :) Glad to know we are both working hard, Elder Hamm! Good luck out there!

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