Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My hectic, wonderful, exhausting, busy, lovely week!

 Oh my little Julianna. May I introduce you yet again to this adorable
child. She is so fun. I love having lessons with the Orozco family.

 I'm telling you...every morning. These critters drive me nuts!
 And YES...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! I got to talk to my precious family this

week. I love you all so much. Only teared up like what...3 times?

That's it. Setting a new record. ;) So good to hear their voices and

it was such a treat to have my grandma there (who is such an example

of strength to me right now...well always has been) and to have
Chazzer and Alli there too. Glad Alli is taking my place as the

"adopted daughter" in the family haha. See you all at Christmas!

 During P-day shopping I couldn't help but smile when I saw this. Thank

you to all my dear Idaho farmer neighbors and friends who work so hard

to bring the world the best of potatoes. As missionaries we bring the

gospel to feed the souls of the children of God...farmers bring good

food. Good luck this planting season!

Our vacuum broke and so we got a new one from Sister Hoopes so I had

my companion take the old one to the trash. I couldn't help but take a

picture...she looks hilarious walking down the street like this. ;)

This is a video Hermana Silva sent me just barely...apparently it is her favorite! Her MTC district decided to do a "Hershey Kiss Race". Fun times in the MTC:)

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