Friday, May 31, 2013

Watermelon and feasting on the Words of Christ

Tip for future missionaries. Wear your watch backwards

like this so that when you're in a lesson and need to check the time
you can do it in a non-offensive, casual way. I learned this from my
trainer. So works!

 The Zone Leaders (I later found out), Elder Eaton and Elder Schneider dropped this off at our apartment. They said they found this on the 'side of the road' and they knew I was playing
and practicing for a piece for Zone Conference so they thought I could
use it. How awesome are they!? Nice surprise.

 So I know this sign means "Children at Play" but passing this the

other day had Sister Rivas and I giggling. Seriously
out for all those teeter-totters. Dangerous stuff.

 Old map. Enough said here.
 We FINALLY gave up this week. We had 10 referrals to contact and could

not possibly figure out where they all lived with our terribly old
worn and torn map. So we bought ourselves a nice and new pretty one. 
(Tip* Honestly though a GPS is something to invest into as a missionary. I use Garmin.) 

 Sister Rivas swears this is an alien-sighting. I don't know about you

but it definitely looks like an extra-terrestrial airplane.
 Branch activity...making homemade tamales con pollo y puerco. Mmmmmm..
 Sister Rivas felt like making cookies. But uhh haha...I've never seen cookies so

stuck to a pan before.
 Here in New Mexico it seems like everybody has these hanging from

their doors or porches. It's kind of a unique thing here that I'm kind
of fond of now. Old, shriveled chilli peppers... I mean, why not?

  D&C 6:2..."Behold I am God; give heed

unto my word, which is powerful. Sharper than a two-edged sword, to
the dividing asunder of of both joints and marrow (and cacti);
therefore give heed unto my words." :) 

 They call these mountains the Sandias because when the sun sets and

rises it looks pink (like a watermelon). Got a picture the other day
as the sun was setting of why they say this.

Yep. Awesome. So close! 
 Sunday morning right above our complex. Great way to start our morning!
 Can I just say I hate Memorial Day weekend as a missionary because NO

ONE IS HOME. But...I love it because I am grateful to those who have
served our country and it was a good day to remember my dear friends
and family, especially my sweet Grandpa Jones, who have gone before me. So
beyond grateful for the Plan of Happiness and knowing I will be able
to see them again!

 Perfect treat for a hot Memorial weekend.
 Montano Ward Memorial Day Pulled Pork Luncheon.
Going home Sunset. What a week.

Quotes from Alvarado Park North
  • "What's the difference between Texas and Wyoming?"
  • "My daughter-in-law looked at it and said...yep. feces."
  • "I had an epiphany about cleaning"..."what's that?"..."we need to do it."
  • "I feel like I'm a lot like President Miller"
  • "Your U-turns bring me comfort"
  • "Is July 9th Harry Potter's Birthday?"
  • "I love how my new Book of Mormon doesn't smell like churros yet"
  • "Ah! Cremes and cheese."
  • "The other side of Heaven-but lizard style."
  • "I feel like I'm ironing a camel..."
  • "$5 she'll come on Sunday..if not, well I just lost $5"
  • "You guys...I'm starting to believe Willy Wonka is a real person"
  • "Look! Those eyebrow tweezers-it even comes with a comb!"
  • "I just want these people to come to church already! Do I have to put M&M's on the floor to lead them there?"
  • "Umm yeah- we don't believe babies and Gandhi are in Hell"
  • "I try and be in bed by 10:30 every night but these crest white strips-if you wait to put it in by 10:15 on accident, then you at least have to stay up till 10:45. So- what does an Elder do?"
  • "Okay let's talk about something more cheerful shall we?...So did you see those clowns last week?"
  • "People look at us eating in our car and say 'why are they not working? They should be feasting on the words of Christ.' -Hey. We're human too. It's like that one time I saw President Uchtdorf at Costco in shorts."

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