Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ok here it goesss. Crazed-filled week. Sister Rivas and I have turned out to be quite the team. So grateful that President Miller knows what he's doing and listens to Heavenly Father to know who should be put with who. We set some pretty high goals for the week and decided to work super extra hard. 

The Lord sure worked in His vineyard right alongside us this week. Thank heavens. This Sunday almost ALL of our less-active families came to church.
 Had lunch with Sister Hoopes and Sister Marble at Olive Garden the other day before transfers. Sister Marble left us last week ...sure gonna miss her!
 La Familia Loya's dog. How. adorable. Am I right?...Yes, I am. :)
 Fresh Mango. Oh yeah.
 Our Spanish Elders!
Elder Montgomery on the left and Elder Matheson on the right.
 The Elders took over our car!!!!!! Not really...we just 'let' them drive.
 The Mendoza's little girl Brittany  She is becoming my little pal. We have Noche de Hogar (FHE) with them this week. I have such a special place for the Mendoza family in my heart. Hermana Mendoza totally reminds me of one of the Mother's of the two-thousand stripling warriors. She is a powerful, faith-driven mother. But I know a lot of faith driven own for starters. 
 Last transfer picture before Sister Allen left us this week to head to Rio Rancho.
 I did not come up with these names..
 P-Day activities :D

 Haha...bought a new car this week.
 What happens when you put your phone down during a dinner appointment.
 Sea of white shirts on our way to lunch after Zone Training this week.
GOTTA love this. Makes me smile.
 Got myself another road sign here. 
 We are staying here in the area for the next transfer and have set some high goals in our companionship. We are working hard. A little exhausted but we are starting to get the hang of this! I couldn't appreciate my companion more right now. I have such a testimony how your companion and you are put together by inspiration. Sister Rivas I feel like makes up for my weaknesses. So grateful to have this awesome Sister with me! Even if she IS crazy :) 
 There's a tradition in the mission to decorate your planners.

This is mine for transfer 2. Thanks to Alli...I've got some cute stuff

to decorate with. Thanks bestie!
 Crazy weekly planning. Takes at least 3 hours a week. Get ready future

Daily craze. I LOVE having my planner full. Every missionary's dream.
Love those appointments!

I want you to know I believe like I have never believed before. This is all so true. I've received a special witness as a missionary that this work is of the Lord. I feel like that witness is added upon each and every single day.

(a very happy) Hermana Silva

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